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I Come From California With a Banjo on My Knee

Hey everyone! I finally wrangled a video of my performance at New York Comic Con and wanted to share it with you. NYCC was fantastic and all of us on the Firefly team had a blast seeing all of the Browncoats there. I had the amazing opportunity of being able to perform some of my music for Firefly Online live on the banjo during our panel. I wanted to make sure to have a broad sampling of the themes I've composed for the game. So, in my "spare time" (does that actually exist?) I composed a medley of several of my themes to preview at NYCC. Our panel was chock full of content so I only had about 2 minutes to showcase the themes. Well, it worked out and went off with flying colors. I was in no way expecting the standing ovation you guys gave me. And I can't thank you enough. The icing on the cake was stepping out onto 34th after the performance and seeing the Empire State Building shining brightly. I've been to NY many times, but this was truly magical. Firefly fans really are one of the best fan communities out there. And I wear my coat of a brownish color with pride.

Having my banjo as my carry-on for the flight from LA to NY was… interesting. All of the flight crews were actually incredibly cool with it though. Our panel was at night which gave me the chance to hang out in Central Park all day warming up and just playing my banjo for the pure fun of it. The whole trip is one of my favorite memories and I look forward to having adventures like this become a more common event.

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